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Russia dredge pump OEM parts

Aug. 05, 2021

For the Russian market, the sigma dredging pump will be no stranger. Its wet parts are made of wear-resistant steel, which are mainly used in the fields of dredging, mud cleaning and sand suction. Double core structure, pump shell of 500DBA1200 thickness is 40mm.

In order to improve the service life and reduce maintenance cost,

After drawings consult, 3D modeling, dimension confirmation, finally completed the casting production of OEM spare parts, and successfully replaced their old ones. The new material is a high-chromium wear-resistant alloy with a hardness of up to 64HRC, which is difficult job to machine, which means a three-fold increase in service life, then saves total operating costs.

Zidong Pump can offer OEM pump and spare parts with over 30years professional experiences.

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