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  • 1.5x1B small gold mine rubber liners slurry pump

  • 1.5x1B small gold mine rubber liners slurry pump

  • 1.5x1B small gold mine rubber liners slurry pump

1.5x1B small gold mine rubber liners slurry pump

ZHR is the standard heavy duty slurry pumps which designed with rubber lined wet parts. 1.5x1B small model gold mine application rubber slurry pump has open no clogging impeller, and integrated volute liner with throatbush for easy assembling and project maintenance.

Pump Overview:

Pump model1.5X1B slurry pump
Inlet&Discharge size1.5x1inch
Flow range10.8-25.2m3/h
Head range7-52m
Speed range1400-3400rpm
Power in max15kw
Solid handling20mm

Zidong Pump (Brand Name) ZHR rubber liner corrosion resistance mineral slurry pumpsare single-stage, cantilevered, double casing, horizontal, centrifugal slurry pump.

They were designed for handing corrosive, acid or erosion slurries in mining, coal, metallurgical, power, building material,sand washing and other industrial departments.

The wear parts are made of material natural Rubber ZR26, ZR55, ZR33. And more, OEM material is available, eg.

ZR08, ZS42, ZS10, ZS12, ZS01, ZS02, ZS21,ZS31, ZU03,ZU27 etc,

In view of the features on replaceable wear-resistant metal liners, the pump has variety of combinations of lining and impeller to adapt to different media characteristics.


Advanced Features:

1.Modular design, easy to maintain,lowsparecostduetohighstandardization;

2.Wide options of impellersof standard closed 5vanes , open 3vanes non-clogging;

3.27% Chrome alloy hard metal, thick rubber and polyurethanepumplining are available and can be replaced with each other;

4.Standard ductile iron pump body, can withstand higher working pressure;

5.Famous brand bearing components can improve reliability, prolong bearing life and reduce lubrication cost;

6.Reliable shaft seal, packing seal, expeller seal, or mechanical seal are available;


● Copper Concentration Plant
● Gold Mine Concentration Plant
● Molybdenum Concentration Plant
● Potash Fertilizer Plant
● Mineral Flotation Processing Plants
● Alumina Industry
● Coal Washer
● Power Plant
● Sand and Gravel Handling
● Building Material Industry
● Chemical Industry
● Mining concentration plant
● Ash-handling system of power plant

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