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  • 10inch sand transfer booster pump

  • 10inch sand transfer booster pump

  • 10inch sand transfer booster pump

  • 10inch sand transfer booster pump

10inch sand transfer booster pump

ZIDONG PUMP® 12x10G-ZG model sand dredger booster is the world class standard for dredge and gravel applications. The range provides excellent wear life while maintaining efficiency during the wear cycle providing the best total operating cost. Pass big large solids not capable of being pumped by ZH series slurry pumps.

ZG series gravel pumps are designed for continuously handling the most difficult high abrasive

slurries which contain too big solids to be pumped by a common pump. It has superior

performance than common pumps in dredging, sand mining, barge loading and mineral

processing etc.

Pump model12x10G sand pump
Inlet&Discharge size12x10inch
Flow range360-1200m3/h
Head range12-60m
Speed range400-850rpm
Power in max600kw
Solid handling220mm

Structure Features:

It adopt international advanced technology, non-clogging design with big flow channel and 

3-Vane high efficiency closed impeller. Large solid particles are allowed.

14-12G warman dredger sand suction booster pump small.jpg

DrawingPart NamePart NoMaterialDrawingPart NamePart NoMaterial
4Frame plate liner insertZGG10041KmTBCr275connect plateZGG10032QT500-7
7Shaft sleeveZG0753Cr1328Shaft spacerZGG101174Cr13
30Split glandZG044HT20034Expeller ringZG029KmTBCr27
35ExpellerZGG028KmTBCr2736Lantern ringZG0631Cr18Ni9Ti
1-1Labyrinth sleeveZG062-10Galvanized1-2End coverZG024-10Galvanized

1.Broad impeller path created by single casing and clamp bands connection;
2. Unique design to make maintenance and wet parts replacement convenient;

3. Dig deep advantage, good dig deep effect within 30 meters.
4.Using a variety of speed and modifications to make pump running under best condition. 
   Long service life, high efficiency which can meet many poor transport conditions.
5. The discharge direction of pump can be oriented in any direction of 360°.
6. Driving type mainly have V belt drive, elastic coupling drive, gear reducer drive, 
    hydraulic coupling drive, variable frequency driven etc.

Site Application: ‍

They are suitable for delivering slurries in Mining, Explosive sludge in metal melting, Dredging in dredger and river course,and other fields.

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