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  • 4x3C diamond concentrate cyclone slurry pump

  • 4x3C diamond concentrate cyclone slurry pump

  • 4x3C diamond concentrate cyclone slurry pump

  • 4x3C diamond concentrate cyclone slurry pump

4x3C diamond concentrate cyclone slurry pump

Zidong Pump® 4x3C diamond concentrate cyclone slurry pump withstands wear caused by the abrasive, erosive and often corrosive attack on the materials. They are designed to allow the passage of abrasive particles which can at time be extremely large. therefore need much wider and heavier impellers to accommodate the passage of large particles.

Pump model4x3C/CC/D slurry pump
Inlet&Discharge size4x3inch
Flow range80-180m3/h
Head range5-35m
Speed range800-1800rpm
Power in max30/60/90kw
Solid handling28mm

ZH high chrome alloy slurry pumps are single-stage, single-suction and cantilevered, double casing, horizontal, centrifugal ,heavy duty durable life design.

Parts in contacting with the medium are made of latest wear-resistance 27% chrome alloy white iron with hardness 62HRC over,

which has an highly abrasive for maximum resistance to strong abrasive, coarse particle.

They are widely used for mining, coal, metallurgical, power, building material and other industrial departments. This series of pump

is suitable for various liquids performance, which is the first select product for handling mine mill slurry and tailing slurry.

Mainly Features:

1. Modular design, easy to maintain,low spare cost due to high standardization;

2. Wide options of impellers of standard 5vanes , 4vanes high efficiency and 3vanes non-clogging;

3. 27% Chrome alloy hard metal, thick rubber and polyurethane pump lining are available and can be replaced with each other;

4. Standard ductile iron pump body, can withstand higher working pressure;

5. Famous brand bearing components can improve reliability, prolong bearing life and reduce lubrication cost;

6. Reliable shaft seal, packing seal, expeller seal, or mechanical seal are available;

7. Multi purpose design reduces inventory requirements and interchangeability;

8.  Drive types: Different connection methods (DCZ,CRZ,ZVZ,CV) with motor for selection ,satisfy the   

    requirements on different installation condition and different capacity & head.


The ZH centrifugal heavy duty alloy liner mine tailing slurry pump is the pump for highly abrasive/density slurries in processes

from cyclone feed to regrind, mill discharge, flotation, mine drainage and tailing in minerals plants plus other industrial applications,

Sometimes, it could also be used in dredging of settling lagoons and pumping of drilling mud etc

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