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  • Bottom agitator hydraulic submersible sand dredging pump

  • Bottom agitator hydraulic submersible sand dredging pump

Bottom agitator hydraulic submersible sand dredging pump

HDSE submersible sand dredging pump is hydraulic machinery, the engine and the pump of which are coaxially working submerged in medium . The side or bottom stirring (agitator) can be added to improve the suction concentration on the pumps, or prevent pump blockage by the bulky fixed substance,so as to fully mix solids-liquid and facilitate handling.


The hydraulic wear resistant slurry pump and heavy duty submersible dredging pump

manufactured by our company are suitable for 120, 150, 220, 240, 300, 330, 360 and other small, middle and large excavators. In case of much water, thin sludge and sediment, inconvenient digging with the digging bucket, remove the digging bucket, connect the hydraulic mortar pump, and conduct high-efficient extraction with high concentration. The hydraulic slurry pump is allocated, which realizes long distance transmission. The hydraulic slurry pump greatly improves working efficiency. It can also be allocated for work in the hydraulic station. It is applicable for conditions of hydraulic station, failure in effective excavation with the excavator in case of much water, long distance transmission of mud and mortar, insufficient power supply, frequent transition, and the application range is wide.

Structure Features:

 1. The pump bottom is arranged with the mixing device, and the bilateral and multilateral

separate mixer can be arranged, which can prevent pump blockage by the bulky fixed substance, so as to fully mix the solid with liquid, and facilitate handling.

2. The pump can handle the solid substance with the maximum particle size of 150mm, and the solid-liquid extraction concentration can be over 70%;

3. The device is mainly installed on the excavator, and the power is provided by the hydraulic station of the excavator, which can realize free transition. The power source is diesel engine, which can solve the problem of power inconvenience during construction in the remote area.

4. Wetted parts: i.e., pump shell, impeller, guard board and mixing impeller adopt the high-chromium alloy. Other materials can be customized.

5. The unique sealing device is adopted, so as to avoid frequent replacement of mechanical seal, and improve the working efficiency.


 ♦ Rivers, lakes, sea, reservoirs, pumping sand.
♦ Rivers, lakes, reservoirs, pumping port dredging silt.
♦ Pumping sand beneficiation: Select iron sand pumping, pumping sand gold, rare earths.
♦ Sewage treatment plant settling ponds cleanup.
♦ Municipal pipelines, storm water pumping station, hydroelectric sediment cleanup.
♦ Construction (sinking bridge construction, etc.) discharge of sediment, mud.
♦ Steel plant blast furnace slag, slag, pumping iron oxide delivery.
♦ Concentrator tailings, slag, slurry transportation.
♦ Coal cinder, coal, coal slurry cleanup.
♦ Power plant fly ash, coal, coal slurry transportation.
♦ To learn all kinds of diamond sand, quartz sand, slag solid particles.

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