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  • Submersible sand sucking pump with cooling cover

  • Submersible sand sucking pump with cooling cover

  • Submersible sand sucking pump with cooling cover

  • Submersible sand sucking pump with cooling cover

Submersible sand sucking pump with cooling cover

ZJQ submersible sand sucking pump is hydraulic machinery, the motor and the pump of which are coaxially working submerged in medium . When the water level is too low to submerge electric motor, we can match with motor cooling cover to solve overheat problem on site. It is applicable for conveying medium such as sludge, ore slurry, coal slurry, sandstones containing big solid particles.

Capacity Range:24-3500 m3/h

Head Range: 13-78 m

Speed Range:980/1460

Power Range: 7.5-315kw

Pump Overview:

The product is designed and manufactured by domestic and oversea advanced technologies. Besides the main impeller, the bottom of the pump is additionally provided with a set of agitation impeller which can spray the deposited sludge into turbulent flow.

The unique mechanical seal device can effectively balance the pressure inside and outside the oil chamber, so as to protect the reliability of the mechanical seal to the maximum extent.

The motor adopts various protective measures such as overheat protection, water inlet detecting protection, and can operate safely for a long term in harsh working condition.

Advanced Features:

1. Advanced design, similar structure with the other famous brand pumps;

2. Durable, main wear parts made from anti-wear 27% chrome alloy material, hardness can be over 60HRC;

3. High efficiency, with a small mixing impeller & agitator(material: 27% Cr. alloy) at the bottom of the pump;

4. Safe, with reliable mechanical seal which protect the motor from water leakage;

5. All-copper motor, with quality insulation coated electrical-coil, protect motor from over-load & over-heat.

6. No blocking, with filter screen at the suction position;

7. Various driven type, you can choose power by hydraulic or electric power;


♦ Water-proof IP68 motor with bronze coil in longer working life
♦ 980rpm low speed to prolong pump wet parts working life

♦ Water jet system and extra stirs adding to increase sand production

♦ Water jet and Extra stirs can be added


♦ Rivers, lakes, sea, reservoirs, pumping sand.
♦ Rivers, lakes, reservoirs, pumping port dredging silt.
♦ Pumping sand beneficiation: Select iron sand pumping, pumping sand gold, rare earths.
♦ Sewage treatment plant settling ponds cleanup.
♦ Municipal pipelines, storm water pumping station, hydroelectric sediment cleanup.
♦ Construction (sinking bridge construction, etc.) discharge of sediment, mud.
♦ Steel plant blast furnace slag, slag, pumping iron oxide delivery.
♦ Concentrator tailings, slag, slurry transportation.
♦ Coal cinder, coal, coal slurry cleanup.
♦ Power plant fly ash, coal, coal slurry transportation.
♦ To learn all kinds of diamond sand, quartz sand, slag solid particles.

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