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High Quality China Shijiazhuang Slurry Pump Factory Tour


Zidong has its own casting workshop to produce all of the components in our pumps. We are especially good at manufacturing high wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant parts for severe working conditions. We can manufacture new products following our self-developed design drawings, or customize water pumps based on customer specific requirements.

Make use of the latest computer fluid dynamics analysis Technology(CFD) and advanced hydraulic models home and abroad to truly apply CFD and 3D technology , ensuring that all products are innovative, high-performance, new energy-saving, efficient and reliable products, create more values for customers.




The application of CNC lathes improves the precision of parts processing with higher efficiency. It has various compensation functions such as linear interpolation and arc interpolation. Especially win good economic effect during mass production of complex parts.



Zidong possesses a modern assembly workshop and dust-free bearing assembly workshop.

We also employ assembly engineers with more than 30 years of experience and a group of highly skilled assembly professionals.

Therefore, each assembled pump meets the highest performance standards.



Surface Quality

Modern spray equipment is responsible for the paint spraying of our pumps' surfaces.

It can improve the adhesion, thickness uniformity, hardness and brightness of the paint, achieving a surface effect with artistic quality.
Galvanized high strength bolts, nuts and Color- galvanized end covers, labyrinth sleeves, round nuts to prolong bearing assembly life & surface grade especially.


Surface QualitySurface QualitySurface QualitySurface Quality


Packing &Delivery

Zidong uses the steel base + protective film + fumigation-free wooden box + steel belt to pack the pump, to ensure the safety of the pumps in shipment. We also design special packing for over size part to solve container loading problems.

Packing & DeliveryPacking & DeliveryPacking & DeliveryPacking & Delivery
Packing & DeliveryPacking & DeliveryPacking & DeliveryPacking & Delivery

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