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Strictly following ISO9001:2015 quality management system.

Zidong Pump company has been focusing on occupational safety protection and employees' physical health. 

Our company has produced zero accidents and occupational diseases for 10 consecutive years.


Quality program control instructions:

Stages of productionQuality control activities
Casting model selectionNewly built, lost foam, aluminum
Raw material selectionStable source,full new brand
Raw material arrivalMaterial chemical analysis
Casting and compositionMaterial analysis before stove
Material analysis after stove
Ready part analysis 
Key component machiningDimension precision inspection
Impeller balancing
General assemblySuper bearing assembly components
Rich experience engineer operation
Hydraulic static test
Performance test of pump unitCapacity and head
Vibration and noise
Bearing temperature
Final inspectionPackaging of pump unit
Spare parts and accessories

Zidong Factory Quality Control Equipment

Quality ControlQuality ControlQuality ControlQuality Control
Newly Build Pattern

Desktop Spectrometer

Image Measuring Instrument

USA brand X-Gun

Quality ControlQuality ControlQuality ControlQuality Control

Dimension Checking

 Dimension Checking

Impeller Balance Test

Pump Assembly

Quality ControlQuality ControlQuality ControlQuality Control

Capacity & Head Test

Pressure Display

Pump Speed Test

Vibration Test

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