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  • 6inch tunnel shield gravel pump

  • 6inch tunnel shield gravel pump

  • 6inch tunnel shield gravel pump

  • 6inch tunnel shield gravel pump

6inch tunnel shield gravel pump

ZIDONG PUMP® 8x6E-ZG model is horizontal single-casing gravel pump with wide channel to transfer sand, slurries or gravels with big particle size. The wet parts are made of Ni-hard and high-Chromium alloys resistance material to ensure longer service life.

ZG series gravel pumps are designed for continuously handling the most difficult high abrasive

slurries which contain too big solids to be pumped by a common pump. It has superior

performance than common pumps in dredging, sand mining, barge loading and mineral

processing etc.

8-6E sand gravel pump small .jpg

Pump model8x6E sand pump
Inlet&Discharge size8x6inch
Flow range180-540m3/h
Head range12-52m
Speed range800-1400rpm
Power in max120kw
Solid handling127mm

Structure Features

It adopt international advanced technology, non-clogging design with big flow channel and 

3-Vane high efficiency closed impeller. Large solid particles are allowed.


Section Drawing


DrawingPart NamePart NoMaterialDrawingPart NamePart NoMaterial
14Frame plate liner insertZE6041KmTBCr2715ImpellerZEG86137KmTBCr27
16VoluteZEG6131KmTBCr2725Connect plateZEG4032MQT500-7
31ThoatbushZEG86013KmTBCr2732Split glandZE044HT200
34Shaft sleeveZE0753Cr1338Lantern ringZE0631Cr18Ni9Ti
47ExpellerZE028KmTBCr2751Expeller ringZE029KmTBCr27
1-1Shaft spacerZE1174Cr131-2ShaftZEAM073M45# steel
1-3Labyrinth sleeveZE062Galvanized1-4End coverZE024Galvanized

Site Application

They are suitable for delivering slurries in Mining, Explosive sludge in metal melting, Dredging in dredger and river course, and other fields.

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