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28inch Large Size Dredging Pump

Dec. 22, 2021

This pump is based on the IHC pump design.The inlet diameter is 28 inches and the outlet is 24 inches.

The inlet is bigger, which can increase the flow capacity and working efficiency and reduces cavitation.

Design of this pump spare parts has distinctive features:

For the front guard plate (throatbush), we have improved the design and divided it into three parts. 

We separate the quick-worn parts from those non-easily worn parts,

which can reduce the maintenance cost;

Impeller: non-clogging 3 blades and high efficiency closed type impeller. The blades

have been thickened and raised, and the flow has been increased from the conventional

8000 M3 to 9000-9500 m3/hour;

Pump body: ribs are added to bear greater pressure. The previous double pump casing pump

is transformed into the current single pump casing, which can meet the same working

conditions and reduce the production cost;

Seal assembly: L-type seal, longer service life, no leakage, with the same sealing performance

as the underwater pump. Similar like IHC design;

Bracket: high strength steel welding, light and durable to use. The pump molds are new ,

good shape and strong performance;

Bearing lubrication: thin oil lubrication, equipped with professional lubrication system,

can improve the service life and stability of bearing components.





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