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  • ZF Vertical Froth Slurry Pump

  • ZF Vertical Froth Slurry Pump

  • ZF Vertical Froth Slurry Pump

ZF Vertical Froth Slurry Pump

Zidong Froth Pump has been designed to increase the pump ability of frothy slurry. The principle of operation is similar to that of hydro cyclone separation. Air is separated from the slurry in a vortex created by the impeller rotation and the tangential inlet to the pump’s conical sump.


The basic principle of the pump operation is to remove or partially remove the froth before the slurry enters the pumping. Its handling capacity is much higher than that of other types of slurry pump without shaft seal and sealing water. It is a perfect pump for handling frothy pulp.


The structure of pump head is double casing. All wet parts can be supplied in Ni-hard, high chrome alloy iron and pressure-moulded natural or synthetic rubber. The driver end can be exchanged with ZL pumps. The hopper-tank is fabricated with steel plate.

Its inner wall of the tank can be covered with liner according to different medium


The discharge branch can be positioned at intervals of 45 degrees by request and

oriented to any eight positions to suit installations and applications.


1. Easy installation & disassembly.

2. Integrated unit for layout flexibility.

3. Smooth operation of the open vortex created in the sump and vertical “wet end” inlet prevents air locking.

4. Cantilever design does not require submerged bearings or shaft seals.

5. Bearing assembly with double protection sealing arrangement to prevent ingress of slurry.

6. Wear parts are available in a variety of different materials.

7. Simplified maintenance.





Model meaning


50: Pump discharge size in mm

QV:Frame type

ZF: Zidong Pump brand Froth Pump

ModelFlow rateHeadSpeedEfficiencyMax solidMax power SuctiondiameterDischargediameter
50QV-ZF1.2-14.26.2-30.2800-180020-4535154 2
75QV-ZF3.0-41.56.5-29.5700-150020-5538206 3
100RV-ZF3-596.8-29.2500-105020-5555406 4
150SV-ZF10-1186.8-25.2350-68020-5563758 6
200SV-ZF64-1865-24.8350-68020-557011010 8

 ZF series of forth pump is widely used in metallurgy, coal,

chemical,industrial sector. It is suitable for Suitable for handling

solids-liquids mixture, special for delivering frothy pulp generated in

flotation machines in metalliferous and coal flotation circuits.

· Iron Ore Dressing Plant                                                

· Copper Concentration Plant

· Gold Mine Concentration Plant

· Molybdenum Concentration Plant

· Potash Fertilizer Plant

· Other Mineral Processing Plants

· Other industries


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