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  • ZN High Efficiency Dredger Pump

  • ZN High Efficiency Dredger Pump

  • ZN High Efficiency Dredger Pump

  • ZN High Efficiency Dredger Pump

ZN High Efficiency Dredger Pump

ZN series high efficiency new designed dredger pumps are particularly suitable for dredging, filling and other operations in rivers and lakes. It fully meets the requirements of the dredger for mud pumps.They are composed of a pump head, reducer gear box, high elastic coupling, and marine transmission monitoring system.

Capacity range: 750-25000 m3/h

Head range: 20- 85m

Speed range: 180-850rpm

Power range: 2000kw in max

ZN dredge pumps are new type of single-stage, single suction, cantilever horizontal dredge pumps. with advantages of high efficiency, wear resistant, excellent performance, they were designed for handling more abrasive with solids slurries in the river dredging, sand reclamation, explosive sludge in metal melting, dredging in dredger and course of river and other fields.


1. Cantilevered, horizontal, centrifugal, one stage, single casing pump;

2. High head, large capacity, high efficiency, good NPSH performance;

3. Long bearing life, the bearing assembly with large diameter shaft and short overhang;

4. Wear-resistant wet parts, the wet parts are made of Ni hard and high chromium abrasion resistant alloys. (more than 27% Chrome alloy);

5. The shaft seals can be gland seal or Lip seal;

6. The discharge branch can be positioned at interval of 45 degrees by request and oriented to any eight positions to suit installations and applications.

Two frame design: Pump with bracket in standard (Durable using with easy maitanance)

Pump integrated with gearbox (Cabinet room saving)

ZN Series High Efficiency New Designed Dredger Pumps ZN Series High Efficiency New Designed Dredger Pumps

Model Meaning


ZN: Zidong Pump High Efficiency Dredging Pump

450:  Discharge size in mm

Model Capacity HeadSpeedEfficiency  η(%)NPSH  (m)Outlet/Inlet  DiameterMax Particles Size (mm)
 (m3/h) H(m) n(r/min)    (mm)

ZN Series High Efficiency New Designed Dredger Pumps

Performance Curve

● Mineral Processing;● Power Generation;● Aggregate;● Ash Handling;
● Flue Gas Desulfurization;● Thickener & Tailings;● Mine Dewatering;● Industrial Slurries;
● Aggregate;● Thickener & Tailings;● Dredge.

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